Friendly Asked Questions

Why another downloader for YouTube?
I decided to learn how YouTube downloaders work. So I had a look at the way in which YouTube streams videos. Then I decided to use this knowledge in an application which provides a very simple and straightforward way to download videos or songs from YouTube.


Why eTube Downloader has such as simple interface with a few options?
I noticed that most people need a simple utility to download videos from YouTube and extract their music in .MP3 format. They don't care for the exact download quality as long as the downloaded stuff sounds right! So I decided to make things as simple as possible and provide only 3 simple options. You should choose the Highest Quality setting for higher download speeds.


Why I can't play some videos downloaded with eTube Downloader?
When instructed to download a video, eTube Downloader simply downloads it to the specified output directory. That means that it keeps the video's native format as downloaded from YouTube so it has the best quality possible. Most probably you tried to play the video with a player which doesn't support the format of the video. I recommend VLC media player. You should have success.